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My name is Luke, one of the founders of My Estate Life.  We hope this page gives you a better understanding of who we are and why we love our app and our users!


Latest release 12/03/2020

New app for My Estate Life

We have decided to rebuild and release a brand new app. New branding, new platform and new features!

Our previous app was under the store with Beyond Commerce, this new app will be under the My Estate Life developer account. We will be removing the app under Beyond Commerce once we move the users over to the new app.

Personal Identifiers 


Date of Birth

Vehicle Registration Number

The My Estate Life  app is a tool for the building manager to use to communicate to residents.  The app requires this information to allow the manager to vet and control the personal info of their residents.  

Its common practice for a building manager to hold this personal information. IE : Gender is important for identifying the gender for building communication.

Date of Birth is important to identify the building age groups and set security policies in place.

Vehicle Registration Number is required to sync with the buildings security system.

All residents that download the app have to be approved that they live in the building so most important is that the building manager can accurately identify the resident by their information.

My Estate Life app is a secure environment for residents of housing estates.  It allows the management to digitally maintain accurate records of personal information and gives the resident the ability to easily interact with security and management on site by approving visitors, working staff and communication.

Q : Why do we need personal information?

A : Managers of housing estates need details of residents personal information in accordance with home owners association laws, these records are always out of date and captured manually.  My Estate Life helps residents present this information to the housing estate in a secure profile that they can keep up to date.

Q : Why do we need access to the camera, files, contacts?

A : We use the camera to allow the resident to take an image for a feedback ticket, we also use the camera to interact with the QR scanner function.

We use the files and images access to allow the resident to select a profile picture from the Gallery on their phone.

We use the contacts access to allow the resident to upload the details of a visitor from their contacts list.

Q : But why do we need date of birth, address, gender and mobile numbers?

A : We need the address to know where the resident applying for a profile lives. We need the date of birth to validate them and approve their profile (are you who you say you are?), this is the same for gender.  The mobile number is very necessary for communication to residents from management.

Q : Is the personal information elective and safe?

A : Absolutely, residents are informed how to download and why we need this information.  The information is stored in a personal profile that needs to be approved by an estate manager before access is granted.  No user can see another users information, only the relevant manager who needs the information can see this.

Q : What is the traction like?

A : Our app is becoming essential to the day to day runnings of housing estates in and around South Africa and we are growing every day! Its and exciting time for us!

Q : Whats in the next update?

A : We added a really great panic button that allows residents to press it and the security on site will respond to the alert!  Making our residents safer!


My Estate Life is a full mobile resident management, communication and access control platform.  Accessible world-wide, easy to use, customisable software that can and will change the way you live.

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