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Here are the most common questions we get asked on a daily basis, switch between the categories and see if you can find what you are looking for.

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App Support

The My Estate Life mobile app FAQ's

  • It says “This app is not available in your region”
    This means that your phone account is registered for a country that does not currently support My Estate Life. We endeavour to support all countries in the world but also have to conform to legal guidelines as we move into different regions. If you need us to specifically support your country of origin please can you email us on and see if the team has intentions or reason for not supporting your territory. You can also update your country in your Google Play account or Apple account – see the articles below for more : Google Play store : How to change your Google Play country - Android - Google Play Help Apple : Change your Apple ID country or region - Apple Support
  • The app does not download - it just shows a spinning circle
    This is an issue primarily on Android devices – its got something to do with your actual device and not My Estate Life, so we have a limited ability to effectively help you here. Google has written a great article on the topic and you can find that here : Fix Play Store opening, loading, and downloading issues - Google Play Help
  • How many MB is the app to download?
    We strive to get our app to be the smallest size with the best optimisation so that it does not use a large amount of data in operation. Because of this we need to include some resources in the app from download stage. Our app is currently 25MB in size and you will need to make way for this in data and storage on your phone in order to use the app.
  • I cannot find the app in the app store or play store.
    Try going to on your phones internet browser and click the link to the correct manufacturer of your device from there.
  • How do I add a second property to my profile?
    You can add many properties by going to Profile in the app and clicking on the manage my properties button. From there you can add another property to your profile.
  • I'm not getting notifications at all
    Please check your notification settings in your phones settings menu, links below Android : Control notifications on Android - Android Help ( Apple : Change notification settings on iPhone - Apple Support If the settings look correct and you are still not able to get notifications, try and log out of the app (Profile -> bottom of the page -> Sign out) and then sign back in, this will hard reset your token in the app.
  • My notifications are always late!
    A notification is something that is sent off the app instantaneously when an action happens, IE : Visitor Arrival. This notification is delivered to your manufacturer service, IE : Google Services. From there the service decides when best to deliver the message to you, based on connectivity, online, queued messages etc. So in summary : We send your notifications immediately, your phone determines the timeline of arrival in terms of the "ping" message. Read here for more information : Notifications Delayed (
  • I got a message about a visitor that was not mine
    This can be a scary thing… “Did security let someone in without my permission!” The simple answer is probably not, it was more than likely a security guard input error when assigning a visitor to an address. The best solution is to call the management and make them aware of this security mistake, if they are found then they can be reduced and eradicated.
  • The app will not download - it just says pending?
    Unfortunately this is an issue relating to your app store or play store account and not the actual My Estate Life app. Try rebooting your phone or updating the firmware to see if it helps. This would probably be affecting more than just the My Estate Life app. If you cannot come right, contact your play or app store support to see why it is not letting you download apps at that time.
  • Cannot find the app or it says "this app is not available in your region"."
    My Estate Life is available in many countries around the world but not all countries. It could turn out that the app is not available in your region. The best thing to do is to request your property manager to make contact with us in order to validate the requirement for a regional addition. Alternatively change your region in your device profile to South Africa.
  • The app downloaded but wont open.
    Oh no! Please check your device software is up to date. My Estate Life is Android and IOS verison limited for security reasons so in a case where the app refuses to open there could be a version conflicting with our minimum security requirements. Email for personal assistance and a comprehensive support response if this cannot be resolved.
  • What is my property ID?
    A property ID is a secret key that the estate or building holds to allow residents to register for a property on the estate or building. This key is enclosed in a download guide that can be obtained from the management team. Our team is NOT able to supply you with your Property ID. This information will need to be collected from your property manager who will send you a download guide with the information enclosed. My Estate Life is only the software your estate or building uses, the access to this software is completely controlled by your estate or building management.
  • Who is my property manager?
    Try get in contact with the property office or ask security who the manager is. With the current restrictions on the POPIA (Protection of privacy and information act), it becomes very difficult for us to effectively help you in this case.
  • Why does the system ask for my ID number?
    Property managers and estates often use the ID number as a unique identifier. The request was from the estates to include this within the registration process. HOWEVER - This is not a Required field for registration and if you feel it is not necessary or do not want to provide this infromation then leave it blank and continue the registration. For more information on data security or details on this topic email
  • The app says "Hey, we know you?" but my password says incorrect."
    Look on the page there is a "Forgot Password" link here : Follow the prompts there and reset your password then come back to this screen and try again.
  • I'm not getting the Confirm Email Address email?
    Please look under your sub folders : - Junk Mail - Spam - Promotions (gmail) Or any other sub folder - your email client is probably rejecting the mail from us as spam. It can also take up to 5 mins for this email to arrive so if you havent waited, maybe grab a quick cup of coffee and come back to hopefully see it waiting for you. If this continues to be an issue - contact for assistance.
  • I'm getting a "something went wrong" error on the app."
    The application responds with this error on a "timeout" - its when something has taken too long to complete, due to internet connection, server or local process. The app will fail with a something went wrong error. The best solution is to try again or to check your device connectivity. This error can also show when your app is potentially out of date. Try and update the app to see if it resolves any errors you may be seeing.
  • I am getting a "session expired" error or "Token expired" error"
    Our application encrypts sessions in 15min spaces - an expired session can be caused when a user has left the app open for too long or the session token has expired on their login. The app should prompt you for an easy reload here. But if not just close and open the app again and it should fetch a new token session. If this error comes up ALWAYS - try and look to update the app as you could be on a version that has expired or is not giving you correct access.
  • My visitor does not get the access code SMS'ed to them?
    The system requires you to share the ticket to your visitor either by pressing the share button below or by saving the image and sending it to your visitor.
  • How do I add a visitor like Uber or delivery that I do not know the drivers name?
    Use the Company switch on the visitor page as shown below, this will not require a driver name and allows a delivery or company visitor to be added with simple details.
  • What is the best way to add a Courier that I'm unsure of the arrival time?
    The best way to do this is to use the duration tab when submitting a visitor. IE : If "Courier Guy" is arriving tomorrow or the next day. You can send Courier Guy an access right for 2 days from tomorrow, in that way whenever they arrive over that period of 2 days, they will have access.
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