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Visitor Management

Let us help you turn your visitor process into something memorable!


Easily create a new visitor with our invite tool, select a contact and say hello!

Seeing someone again?
We keep your close friends a quick tap away!

Sharing an invite is as easy as tapping on your favourite app - Send!

Why wait in queues all day? Simply scan at security.
Ding! Your visitor is here


Calling Functions

Not everyone wants to send an access code, so we can also call.

Our security guard device is simple and easy to understand.

Untitled design (37).png

A wide range of devices supported.

Finance options available

All devices are rugged and resistant to damage

"Only do one thing" methodology, so there is no messing about.

All devices include full remote monitoring and support.

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Get sales assistance


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Or call us on :

0876 570 003

business hours only

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