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Profile removal

Policy and How To

Removing a property link/profile is so easy!

In My Estate Life users create a global profile then link a property to their profile  -  Property Links allow property managers to communicate to residents and use their personal information in the operational management of a building/community.

Removing a property link from your profile will remove your personal information from the building/community manager portal and stop their ability to communicate to you through the app.  If a profile has no property link, that profile becomes inactive until a new property link is added.  

Use our guide on removing a property to help you : Remove a property link

To remove all profile information beyond just the property link, you will need to reach out to our support team who will guide you through this step  - or Click Here

Profile Removal Policy for My Estate Life Mobile Application

1. Overview

My Estate Life is committed to providing users with the ability to manage their profiles, personal information and associated properties in a way that respects their privacy and preferences. This Profile Removal Policy outlines the procedures and guidelines for users who wish to remove an association to a property or entirely delete all profile data on the My Estate Life mobile application.

2. Property Association Removal - (Recommended Method)

Users have the option to remove an association to a property, rendering their profile inactive, the property associated will no longer have access to the user. This process allows users to disassociate personal information linked to a specific property.

Procedure for Property Association Removal:

  • Navigate to the "Profile" within the My Estate Life mobile application.

  • Select the property you wish to disassociate from your profile.

  • Choose the "Remove" option.

  • Confirm your decision to disconnect the property from your profile.

Upon completion of these steps, the associated property will be removed from your profile, rendering it inactive. Your personal information linked to that specific property will no longer be visible or accessible on the application.

3. Complete Profile Removal

For users who wish to entirely delete their profile, including all associated properties and personal information, a request must be submitted to It's important to note that complete profile removal is not necessary if the user's intention is solely to disassociate a specific property. Removing a property will not only cease all communication and access to data associated with that property but also preserve the overall profile with other connected properties.

Procedure for Complete Profile Removal:

  • Send an email to from the email address associated with your My Estate Life account.

  • Clearly state your intention to completely remove your profile.

  • Include any additional information that may help identify your account for verification purposes.

Upon receipt of your request, our support team will initiate the complete profile removal process. Please be aware that this action is irreversible, and all associated properties and personal information, including your entire profile, will be permanently deleted from the My Estate Life system.

Important Note:  If your primary goal is to remove personal data associated with a specific property while maintaining your overall profile, please consider using the "Remove property" feature within the My Estate Life mobile application. This option allows you to disconnect a specific property, cease all communication related to that property, and safeguard your privacy without the need for complete profile removal.

4. Contact Information

For any questions, concerns, or assistance regarding profile removal, users can contact our support team at


5. Changes to the Policy

My Estate Life reserves the right to modify or update this Profile Removal Policy at any time.


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